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OVA Solutions excels at turning your healthcare product ideas into reality. We provide an innovative approach with our all-in-one services for medical device companies.
Our comprehensive expertise and agile solutions enable you to develop life-changing medical technologies that benefit healthcare professionals and patients globally.

our strengths

You can rely on our decades-long experience supporting clients across different domains in healthcare to find the support you need.
Timelines matter and we work hard to make your product available to healthcare providers and patients as quickly as possible.
Making sure you get the most out of your investment, no matter what it may be, is one of our top priorities when customizing our approach.

Our services

Research & Discovery
Competitive landscape survey
Ethnographic research
Empirical data collection
Technology review
Literature and patent review
Idea generation
Concept development
Refined/precise sketching
FDA Consulting
Thumbnail sketching
Detailed colour renderings
Marketing and branding support
Creation of POC
Mechanical verification
Rapid prototyping
Firmware and software authoring
Schematic and PCB design
Recommended manufacturing tools and processes
Materials and color selection
Production-ready 3D data 2D drawing package
Linux and Android Porting and Optimization
Supply chain validation
Field testing
PRoduct supervision
Vendor assessment and qualification
Internal and external quality audits
ISO compliant CAPA and RMA documentation handling
Production quoting
FDA Regulatory Strategy
Labeling and Marketing Compliance
Consultation for Intellectual
FDA Compliance Consulting
Property Protection
Onshore and offshore manufacturing support

Projects we worked on

VEXAR - is a smart, dose-controlled prescription medication delivery system seamlessly connecting the drug supply chain with the goal of improving safety, compliance, and prescription adherence.​
18 months
$375’000 (5000 hours)
ROMBOT - is a new revolutionary device empowering at-home patient recovery and remote monitoring for effective managed care
8 months
ABDOMINOPERINEAL RESECTION EQUIPMENT - for this project, we focused on mechanics, intricate details, minimally invasive surgical instruments, and FDA consulting.
12 months
LUNAVEX - is the 1st and only 9.6 µm wavelength CO2 laser, in the Dental Market. With the highest absorption in hydroxyapatite, the ideal choice for Hard tissue dental procedures.
4 months

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Define a Product Strategy
Get User Validation
Product Identity & Design
Cost estimates
Risk Management
Product Engineering
Sourcing Suppliers
Rugulatory Compliance

About team

The combination of a personalized approach and a professional team is our secret for achieving exceptional results.
With more than 10 years of experience in the tech industry, I have a strong engineering background and a passion for solving complex problems with data and hardware. I am passionate about bringing bold ideas to life.
The success of your project requires overcoming many challenges. This includes getting the right expertise, delivering milestones on time and staying within budget. I’d be happy to help.

CEO, Lisa Voronkova

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